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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let me gather my material and spellcheck

It is midnight so please wait for my next post.
Hans Albert Quistorff, LMPAntalgic Posture Pain Specialist

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  1. hi Hans, (it's me)

    I know you didn't ask for any but here is my advice for your blog:

    • 1 Get a "blogthis" button.

    • 2 Read realated blog posts and post short comments.

    • 3 Press the blogthis button at least 1 time per day.

    • 4 Keep your posts short.

    • 5 Write personal things that are 100% off-topic.

    Nr [5] seems unprofessional but it's hard to get to know a person online. Just be you, it's quite easy actually, no strain :0) And it makes [3] easy enough to upkeep.

    There has to be something new on the blog every day. It doesn't matter how superficial it is. The frequency of your visitors visit (in this case mine) depends on how old your oldest post is. 1 post per month means I only "have to" visit your page 1 time every 3 months or so. That's not good, even if I had such memory. (which I don't)

    You can take the embed code from youtube or google video and put it in a posting in a few seconds.

    Post this one for example.

    Write 10 words and your post is done for the day.

    I've done this for years, I can assure you that any extra effort is waisted.

    On this blog of mine hardly anything ever happens.

    Sure it looks very nice, but that's hardly a reason to (ever) visit again.

    End of class, you are now a professional blogger.

    May you bring happiness to the masses.



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