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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tools of the trade

Discussion of tools on body work group led me to post these two replies.

How does one feel where the "issues" are with any of these
devices? Was one of the questions.
The device that I use to reduce the work load and increase the benefit is the Oster hand vibrator. The vibration is applied with the finger tips and or the palm or heel of the hand so there is constant feed back with the "issues".
With a very light touch it works for lymphatic stimulation. One layer deeper and it will restore circulation to a trigger point.
Fallowing a muscle or attachment it can do the sculpting and fascia work. resting the palm of the hand with a magnet in it vibrating on a congested area like a dowager hump can melt it away.
I often have one on each hand so that I can work reciprocal point at the
same time.

Hans Albert Quistorff, LMP
Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist


I didn't know the Oster hand massager was still available. One speaker at
Convention mentioned that it was one of the few touch techniques he could
tolerate, and found it highly effective on his fibromyalgia. Don't or didn't
barbers use them frequently to finish up a haircut?
Be well,
Toni Roberts

Oster hand massager
Yes they are still available. If you enter the subject in a search
box you will get over 7 sources. I prefer the older Junior model that
is usually available on eBay. They may need some refurbishment but
that is no problem for me with my large collection of spares.
I make an adaptation to make them more secure on my hand. I buy a
the fabric store strips of Velcro, long ones with the fuzzy side and
short one with adhesive backing with the hooks. I fasten one end of
the fuzzy strip under the screw that holds the spring strap on one
side then wrap the strap around the underside of my wrist over the
thumb to stick to the hooks that are fastened under the screw on the
other side and glued to the side of the base. This keeps the unit
from sliding forward when the hand is pointing down. Not a problem for
the barbers doing the head seated but is a problem working client on
Hans Albert Quistorff, LMP
Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist

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  1. Hi Hans,

    Could you explain why you prefer the older junior model? Is there a difference between the Junior and the Oster Stim-U-Lax?



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